Disposable Powered Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler&Reload Cartridge
Scope of application
Be applicable for resection, transection and creation of anastomosis in laparoscopic surgery.
Production Parameters
ModelProduct descriptionLength of shaft
RQJB-45/60Standard shaft340±15
RQJB-45L/60LLonger shaft440±15
Production Parameters
Cartridge ColorWhiteBlueGoldGreenBlack
Number of Staplers8888888888
Tissue ThicknessVascular/Thin tissueRegularRegular/ThickThickThick
Open Stapler Height2.5mm3.5mm3.8mm4.1mm4.2mm
Closed Stapler Height1.0mm1.5mm1.8mm2.0mm2.15mm
Production Characteristics

Electric drive; Smoother firing; Reduce tip wobble when severing tissue. This protects blood vessels and adjacent vital tissue better.

The cartridge non-damaging protrusion (RGST) technology, which provides a stronger grip and prevents tissue from slipping

Drop-shape anvil is more conducive to "B"-shaped nails, reducing bleeding and preventing anastomotic leakage.

Insurance design to ensure surgical safety:

a.Before firing, the safety switch needs to be moved to pull the firing handle;

b. During firing, the cutting knife will advance automatically when the firing handle is pulled.

c. After the firing is completed, the motor will stop automatically;

d. When the firing handle is released, the cutter returns automatically and the instrument locks automatically to prevent re-firing.

Flexible jaw opening and closing. 360° rotation. Left and right can be rotated 45°. This facilitates flexible access to different surgical sites.

The jaws are rotated directly by turning the handle without contacting other organs or tissues, which avoids tissue damage caused by excessive force on the front end of the jaws.

The stapler operation is more convenient. The suture is fast and the operation time is shortened.


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