Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler&Reload Cartridge
Scope of application
Be applicable for resection, transection and creation of anastomosis in laparoscopic surgery.
Production Parameters
ModelProduct descriptionLength of shaft
RYQJ-45Q/60QStandard shaft340±15
RYQJ-45LQ/60LQLonger shaft440±15
Production Parameters
Cartridge ColorWhiteBlueGoldGreenBlack
Number of Staplers8888888888
Tissue ThicknessVascular/Thin tissueRegularRegular/ThickThickThick
Open Stapler Height2.5mm3.5mm3.8mm4.1mm4.2mm
Closed Stapler Height1.0mm1.5mm1.8mm2.0mm2.15mm
Production Characteristics

1.Cartridge has no damaged bulge(RGST) technology, stronger grip, and prevents tissue slippage.

2.Safety lock design, to prevent accidents due to accidental touch.

3.3+1 reset mode, symmetrical ergonomic design, the operation can be completed by the left or right hand independently.

4.Titanium alloy material staples, utilizing titanium memory features effectively prevent bleeding caused by tissue rebound.

5.The drop-shaped staple anvil is more conducive to "B" nail formation, reducing bleeding and preventing anastomotic leakage.

6.Thin anvil, smooth entry, no large gap, reduce tissue damage.

7.Patented arc-shaped staple legs design, prevent falling off before use, good tissue penetration.

8.Stapler can be 360°rotary, the left and right can be 45° rotation, more convenient for flexible access to different surgical sites.

9.Equidistant gap control ensures uniform distal and proximal staples on the loading unit, ensuring consistent suture results.


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