Disposable Clip Applier
Scope of application
It is intended to use in a variety of endoscopic procedures to ligate vessels and other small tissue structures.
Production Parameters
REFShaft Diameter (mm)Working Length(mm)Clip SizeClip Specification(mm)

Clip Qty



(before Closed)

(before Closed)
(after Closed)
Leg Width
Production Characteristics

1.Single-use, EO sterilized, more convenient, no need to make cleaning,disinfection and sterilization process before operation. save cost and time, avoid the risk of cross—infection caused by repeated use.

2.Clips with Anti-slip Slots in cross direction inside the upper and d down legs, clamping more securely, anti-slip, anti-collapse.

3.15pcs or 20pcs titanium ligation clips are preloaded in the shaft of the clip applicator, multi-fired, which saves the surgery operation time.

4.The remaining clip quantity can be shown from the transparent PVC shaft or counter.

5.360°rotation knob makes the grab of the tissue or vessel more conveniently.

6.Two kinds of ergonomic hand pieces facilitate control, more choices for the doctors. 

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